Digiyouth program fosters student startups in schools

We want learning to be flexible, solution-focused and user-friendly

DigiYouth is an international student startup programme for schools.

During 3 years (2018–2020) it brings together 220 Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Swedish students (aged 14–19) who engage in the development of digital products or services, starting from idea creation and formation of teams, through the prototyping until marketing and sales.

All the activities are a part of the general school curriculum.

DigiYouth aims to prepare students and schools for the 4th industrial revolution, i.e

  • make more space in school curriculum to create, innovate and integrate
  • connect classroom learning to real-world contexts
  • combine the development of digital skills and entrepreneurship
  • transfer the best of start-up approach from business to education
  • show students the potential of digital solutions in different economic sectors
  • give students an overview of entrepreneurial opportunities and career choices related to digital technologies


40 cross-border student startups created

220 students in four countries having a cross-border start-up experience

45 teachers and mentors trained

A 1.5 year study module on digital entrepreneurship developed for schools

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is a multinational project co-funded by INTERREG Central Baltic Programme